Bike Rack 4 Bikes Bicycle Carrier Bike Storage Rack Garage

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Bike Rack 4 Bikes Bicycle Carrier Bike Storage Rack Garage

Bike Rack 4 Bikes Bicycle Carrier Bike Storage Rack Garage


Bike Rack 4 Bikes Bicycle Carrier Bike Storage Rack Garage


Product Model: 4BPR-240

4 Bike Storage Rack Garage (Max. 240lbs), 4 Bicycle Indoor Standing Bike Rack, Height Adjustable for Road Mountain Bicycles

  • Max Load 240 lbs (60 lbs per bike). This bike rack is perfect for heavy bikes such as e-bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes. Casting from high-strength steel, it distributes the weight evenly to eliminate wobbling and provide a secure storage solution.

  • High Compatible High Adjustable Design. Rack height can be adjustable to fit various sizes (24-29” wheels). Accommodate up to 4 bicycles, making it an ideal space-saving solution for indoor garages or apartments. It has 8 hooks and can be a great hanger for biking accessories, helmets, traveling bags, and anything you want.

  • These hooks securely hold your bikes in place, reducing the risk of wear and scratches. The rubber feet are adjustable to 5 different thickness levels, ensuring a stable fit on uneven floors.

  • 10-Min Assemble. All necessary assembly tools are included in the package, quick and easy, so you can get started right away.


Do you need a bike storage solution for your garage or indoor space?

Look no further than this freestanding bike rack. With a total load-bearing capacity of 240 lbs (60 lbs per bike), it outperforms other bike racks on the market due to its cleverly designed structure that ensures high-performance balance and stability. Plus, no drilling is required, so you can easily move it anywhere you need to.

Will it accommodate bikes with different frame designs and styles?

Yes, it will. This bike rack comes with four telescopic rods that can be adjusted to accommodate wheel sizes between 24 and 29 inches in diameter. The rack has four legs, each featuring a rubber cap with circular rubber rings that can rotate to five different thicknesses, providing balance on uneven surfaces. This versatile bike rack is designed to work with a variety of bike styles and sizes.

For best results, place the rack on an even surface.
To ensure stability, it is recommended to hang heavier bikes on the lower hooks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aneesh Zion

Excellent product than what I thought.


If you need to store multiple bikes and are looking for some other way other than attaching them to the wall or ceiling, this rack is a great option. It provides a number of storage configuration options and the rack can hold from one to four bikes at a time.It’s constructed of steel tubing and is nicely finished in a baby blue paint scheme. Assembly was easy and everything went together quickly and easily with no problems with hole alignment. Once feature I liked was the use of push buttons for disassembly as the rack can be quickly taken apart and transported or stored taking up little room. The system comes with eight, nicely finished, rubber coated hooks to support four bikes via the top tube but bikes can also be hung vertically by the rims. Using this method, three bikes is the maximum and be sure to hang the first bike between the center support otherwise the rack may fall over.This rack is great for home storage but is also good for events or travel and when assembled without the center tubes, can also be used for a quick repair/maintenance stand. One other unique feature of the stand are the rubber rotatable leveling feet.Bottom Line: Quality, good-looking bike storage system that is versatile and compact. Highly recommend this stand!


I put it together myself, so it's not that hard to assemble. Keeps 3 bikes off the ground and stable.


I like this bike rack. The setup is very simple, it easily holds 4 full sized bikes and you can adjust it to reduce its footprint.I have a bike rack that holds 2 bikes with square bars and I’ve been happy enough with it. Once I put our bikes on this rack I realized that having round bars allows you to angle one side forward and the other side towards the back. It reduces the distance between the bikes so instead of using half the floor space as before you actually use less.The rack is completely adjustable to any size frame no matter the angle.Great product!

Happy Customer
Solid Bike Rack

Very happy with the bike rack, holds 4 bikes comfortably and easy to assemble

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