Electric Sander Floor Sander Drywall Sander With Vacuum 500-1800Rpm

Tipo De Producto: Drywall Sander
$169.99 USD
$219.99 USD
$169.99 USD
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Electric Sander Floor Sander Drywall Sander With Vacuum 500-1800Rpm

Electric Sander Floor Sander Drywall Sander With Vacuum 500-1800Rpm

$219.99 $169.99

Electric Sander Floor Sander Drywall Sander With Vacuum 500-1800Rpm

$219.99 $169.99

Product Model: DWSR-2501-GR

Drywall Sander, Electric Drywall Sander With Vacuum Auto Dust Collection,6 Variable Speed 500-1800RPM, Shoulder Belt Design for Weight Reduction, Extendable and Foldable Handle, 12 Sanding Discs

  • The drywall sander is ETL-certified and safe to use. 800W pure copper motor with 6.5-amp power, adjustable speed from 500 to 1800 rpm, making it easy to sand uneven walls or remove excess adhesive.

  • The unique patented dustproof structure of the drywall sander with vacuum realizes true automatic dust absorption, preventing dust buildup and clogging, ensuring a longer lifespan and reliable investment.

  • Its specially designed shoulder belt allows you to carry the drywall sander on your shoulder while sanding ceilings, reducing perceived weight on arms by more than 50% (note: the belt is suitable for ceiling sanding only).

  • It is made of ABS engineering plastics combined with ball-bearing dust edges, which effectively blocks dust spray, enhances dust adsorption, and prevents bristle collapse that could lead to dust leakage.

  • The main switch, LED switch, and speed adjuster are all conveniently operated with one hand, ensuring safe and easy operation. The 360-degree dual-row soft light beads facilitate work in dark areas, providing finer detail in your work.


Package Include

  • 1 x drywall sander with vacuum attachment (26ft power cord)
  • 12x sanding discs
  • 2 x carbon brushes(1 pair)
  • 2×washers
  • 2 x hook-and-loop fasteners
  • 1 x dust collection bag
  • 1 x dust extracting hose(2m)
  • 1 x carrying bag
  • 1x belt
  • 1×screwdriver
  • 1×hex wrench
  • 1x user manual

Product information

Power Source: ‎Corded Electric

AC Adapter Current: ‎6.5 Amps

Maximum Rotational Speed: ‎1800 RPM

Item Weight: ‎9 Pounds

Product Dimensions: ‎12"L x 9.5"W x 29"H

Item Weight: ‎9 pounds

Wattage: ‎800 watts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The sander is very helpful it cuts your sanding time into just a portion of what you would normally do. It does get a little bit heavy, obviously heavier than just sanding it by hand but it compensates for that by being so fast and getting larger areas done. Plus you don't have the back and forth movements. The dust collector is an awesome feature that works very well.

Amanda George

This drywall sander was so much better than I thought it would be! It works awesome, with variable speeds, and adjustable base, just about everything I would want in a professional sander but in a much inexpensive package. Came with a bunch of extra sanding pads and tools to work with. Pretty awesome experience with it pretty awesome experience with it

roustabout bill

I am insulating and sheet rocking the inside walls of a 12 ft. x 24 ft. shed and got the disks for my new portable sander- and the fit is perfect. My drywall sander has a vacuum setup and the holes line up perfectly and the dust is draw in easily. With the various sized grit, I am able to sand the plaster and prepare the surface for painting and the job will end up being of professional grade. The sanding disks are plenty thick, and the grits are glued on tightly- good commercial grade sanding disks. Great find!


This is a nice sanding machine. I like the extra large head and the fact that it will pick up some of the dust. The machine was easy to assemble. I like the led lights around the head to give some additional lighting when using. Also comes with a few extra parts for the motor. Came with a mask and eye protection. The whole setup is just over 10lbs. The controls are on the handle for turning on the LED light, adjusting the speed of the sander and starting or stopping. Comes with a bag to carry everything in.I also like that the guides can come off to get closer to the edges. I would recommend based on the usage and how is it built.

edwin Koehler

This drywall sander system is very fast. It has a large sanding disc and a vacuum system and can cover a large area in no time. Because the disc is larger, the area sanded is more uniformly flat. The results are easy to see, a superior finish. It was easy to learn to use. I wish I had one sooner.

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