4.5Gpm Water Pump for Camper 45Psi 12v Waterpump RV Pump for Garden

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$89.99 USD
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4.5Gpm Water Pump for Camper 45Psi 12v Waterpump RV Pump for Garden

4.5Gpm Water Pump for Camper 45Psi 12v Waterpump RV Pump for Garden


4.5Gpm Water Pump for Camper 45Psi 12v Waterpump RV Pump for Garden



RV Water Pump, 12V DC Water Pump, 4.5GPM 45PSI Self Priming Fresh Water Pump with Pressure Switch and Strainer for RV, Marine, Yacht, Caravan, Camper, Garden

  • With an impressive 4.5 GPM flow rate, 15PSI-45 PSI pressure switch, Self-priming height up to 10ft and horizontal self-primingup to 155ft. The 12V water pump maintained steady water flow, providing optimal pressure just when it was needed.

  • The RV water pump has a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant motor that ensures longevity. Integrated thermal protection and run-dry protection design, protecting from damage if the water pump runs dry. It is suitable for most RVs, Yacht, Garden, and Camper.

  • Built with NSK double ball bearings, combines a unique One-piece 3 Chambers Diaphragm Design, ensuring the 12V water pump runs superior quiet with high flow.

  • Built-in pressure switch, the failure-free control provides an automatic stop and start saving you from having to turn the pump on and off each time use it.


  • 4.5 Gpm Maximum Water Flow Rate
  • Built-in Check Valve
  • Self-priming Up To 10-foot Vertical
  • 14.5PSI-45PSI Adjustable Pressure Switch
  • Use Multiple Faucets At One Time


Product information

Material: ‎Stainless Steel, Plastic

Power Source: Corded Electric

Maximum Flow Rate: ‎4.5 Gallons Per Minute

Maximum Lifting Height: ‎10 Feet

Voltage: ‎12 Volts (DC)

Item Weight: ‎5.35 pounds

Package Dimensions: 12.44 x 5.75 x 5.28 inches

Size: 5GPM 45PSI

Wattage: 156 watts

Included Components: 

‎User Manual * 1

1/2" Barbed Hose Adaptor*2

Inlet Strainer * 1

Water Pump *1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Susan E. Grover

I've installed this demand pump on a sprayer that sprays strong chemical de-greasers. Pump puts out lots gpm and good pressure! It has auto shut off and primes quickly. By the weight of it feels heavy duty and I hope it lasts. I hooked it up using battery clips straight to the battery. So far it's work well!

corey mantooth

Better water pressure than before and is very consistent.


The water pump in my travel trailer has been making funny noises. In my case, I've decided to replace it. Straight out of the box I was impressed with the weight of this pump, not that, that in itself indicates quality, but it doesn't hurt. I looked the pump over for defects and cosmetic damage, of which I found none.
All of the standard fittings are included for an easy hookup. Since this pump is a replacement pump, all of the necessary hookups have already been made in my trailer. Which I'm happy about as there isn't much room to work in there. To test the pump out I filled a five gallon potable water container. Connected a battery and ran water through it twice to confirm its working status.
Everything worked as it should, the pump cycled like it was designed to do and automatically turned off when it was supposed to.
Piece of mind (reliability) is important to me as a boondocker. I believe this pump provides that piece of mind.


A nicely designed and constructed 12VDC fresh water pump! It has multiple applications! Meant for RVs, I ordered one to use as a backup pump to my stainless steel submersible 120VAC pump to move outdoor potable water into a remote cabin in the woods. Being 12VDC, if should the main pump lose power or fail, I can run this one off my car alternator and battery. Or a portable LiFePO4 battery battery to make sure we have running water.

The pump is compact in size, and comes complete with particulate inlet filter. It can take a number of hose sizes and NPT fittings, or garden hose. Just use a couple of adapters. It produces a decent head of pressure, a good flow rate and is self priming. Just apply power. It's not overly loud which is good.
This is a very good and affordable little DC pump. Perfect for remote location or vehicle water delivery needs.


Thank you, what a great little pump. Comes well packaged with some good basic fittings and connectors.It is simply orientated, with arrows to indicate water flow direction and fit the filter to the intake side.Turned on first time, no problems. Just Install own switch, recommended fuse. In the video the pump is using a 12V 22 Amp Gel Series Battery.Well built, not much vibration. Good Rubber feet on baseplate. It did not need to be attached and stayed where it sat!The video shows its first turn on, about a five-foot pull/air before it starts to take up water for the first time, the noise then settles down.Overall, it is not too noisy, not bad at all. It seems it in the video, because the air initially, and the test water bucket being right there.The pump works well, shows great promise to use elsewhere, whether in the garden, boat, RV, or latest experiment!

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