6Gpm Water Pump in RV 12V Waterpump 70Psi for Camper RV Pump

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$92.99 USD
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6Gpm Water Pump in RV 12V Waterpump 70Psi for Camper RV Pump

6Gpm Water Pump in RV 12V Waterpump 70Psi for Camper RV Pump


6Gpm Water Pump in RV 12V Waterpump 70Psi for Camper RV Pump



RV Water Pump, 12V DC Water Pump, 6GPM 70PSI Self-Priming Diaphragm Fresh Water Pump with Pressure Switch and Strainer for RV, Marine, Yacht, Caravan, Camper, Garden

  • With an impressive 6 GPM flow rate, 15PSI-70 PSI pressure switch, Self-priming height up to 10ft, and horizontal self-priming up to 155ft. The 12V water pump maintained steady water flow, providing optimal pressure just when it was needed.

  • The RV water pump has a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant motor that ensures longevity. Integrated thermal protection and run-dry protection design, protecting from damage if the water pump runs dry. It is suitable for most RVs, Yacht, Garden, and Camper.

  • Built with NSK double ball bearings, combines a unique One-piece 4 Chambers Diaphragm Design, ensuring the 12V water pump runs superior quiet with high flow.

  • Built-in pressure switch, the failure-free control provides an automatic stop and start saving you from having to turn the pump on and off each time use it.


12V DC Fresh Water Pump

  • 6 Gpm Maximum Water Flow Rate
  • Built-in Check Valve
  • Self-priming Up To 10-foot Vertical
  • 15PSI-70PSI Adjustable Pressure Switch
  • Use Multiple Faucets At One Time


Product information

Material: ‎Stainless Steel, Plastic

Product Dimensions: ‎5.2"L x 4.8"W x 9.25"H

Power Source: ‎Corded Electric

Maximum Flow Rate: ‎6 Gallons Per Minute

Maximum Lifting Height: ‎10 Feet

Voltage: ‎12 Volts (DC)

Item Weight: ‎7.09 pounds

Size: ‎6GPM 70PSI

Wattage: ‎180 watts

Included Components: ‎User Manual * 1

1/2" Barbed Hose Adaptor*2

Inlet Strainer * 1

water pump* 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shahram Robotics

Water pump works as advertised. I used it for my outdoor garden irrigation inside a plastic housing. Still can hear it. Water flow is very strong and filter works great. Overall very happy, good quality for the price. Thumbs up.


Great little water pump that was installed in a van under the sink. The pump itself was easy to install and now it works perfectly for the basic needs of van life.

Edward lucee

I got this pump to replace an anchor washdown pump on a sailboat.I haven't had the pump for a long time so I can't speak to its longevity but it is a very heavy and stout pump for its size. It weighed in at 5.5Lbs and the construction and finish looks good.I did test runs with it and it easily self primed from 5.5 feet which is how high the pump is mounted above the waterline on the boat. It drew water up so quickly, I got the impression that it could have drawn from a greater distance if needed.I don't have a pressure guage or flow meter to confirm the pumps performance claims, but the pump was putting more pressure and volume out than the one it replaced. So, it's all good in my book.The pump does come with a pre-filter, mounting hardware and screw on hose barbs.The instructions are pretty good and for the most part eaasily understood. The manual covers pressure and bypass adjustment as well as a good trouble shooting section.


I don't have a well at my off the grid camper but it is near the lakeshore, so I use filtered lake water for much of my water needs, except drinking of course. In northern Minnesota, the water REALLY hard in Winter so I just built a test setup in my garage to test it for now. I need pressurized water at the camper instead of hauling it up in buckets, so my plan is it to connect it to a 12v battery charged by solar on the dock and run a long length of garden hose to my camper.For my test setup, I connected it electrically through a fuse to a battery and the pump came up to pressure quickly then turned off. and It was very smooth and quiet while doing so. The pressure seemed high for my needs, so I adjusted it lower by removing the black cover and turning the shut-off screw counter clockwise until the pressure was where I wanted it. There is also a bypass screw adjustment and there are instructions in the manual if you need to change that, although it cautions that the pump can be damaged if this adjustment is not done properly. It self primes quickly and has no trouble lifting the water several feet on the suction side. the end of my garden hose had good flow and pressure. The manual was reasonably well written and had an 800 number, US address and Facebook contact info on the front.It also came with adapters for a threaded to hose barb connection but I wish it also contained a garden hose adapter and maybe a larger hose barb connector for the suction side. A few extra adapters would add little cost and make the pump usable for more applications.


Water Pump, 12V DC Water Pump, 6.5GPM 70PSI Self-Priming Diaphragm Fresh Water Pump. Great water pump very easy to use and set up. using a 12V set up increases your water pressure to high output. Use it for watering my plants and garden. would definitely recommend this product.

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