Bravex Ladders Steps 3 Portable Step Ladder Aluminum Folding 440lb

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$69.99 USD
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Bravex Ladders Steps 3 Portable Step Ladder Aluminum Folding 440lb

Bravex Ladders Steps 3 Portable Step Ladder Aluminum Folding 440lb


Bravex Ladders Steps 3 Portable Step Ladder Aluminum Folding 440lb


Product Model: SW-HL003

Bravex 3 Step Ladder, Aluminum Folding Step Stool with Anti-Slip Pedal, Portable Step Ladder Stool Lightweight, 200kg/440lb Capacity Multi-use Aviation Aluminum Ladder

  • Superior materials: Aviation aluminum alloy, three layers of coating (transparent nano-coating, ceramic reinforcement coating, and imported black glue coating) are added on the base of the original aluminum alloy to prevent corrosion and make it more durable.

  • The pedal is wide and thick, and equipped with anti-slip wire drawing lines, making the operation process safer. The feet of the foldable ladder have non-slip rubber to stabilize and protect the floor.

  • The maximum load capacity is 440 pounds, which makes it more stable and safe during use. Passes the US SGS and EU EN131 Standard Test.
  • According to the testing requirements of the EU EN131 standard, the maximum weight specified on our labels and instruction manual is 150kg. However, in reality, the product can actually support a maximum weight capacity of 200kg/440lb. Please feel confident in using it, as it is safe and reliable even when exceeding the 150kg limit.

  • The step ladder is easy to fold and store, saving space. After folding, it can be easily stored under the bed and sofa or in the corner.
  • Suitable for the yard, kitchen, bedroom, or library use. Attractive appearances could be a decorative ladder, such as a bookcase, a flower stand, a library ladder, and more. It can also be a small step stool for children.


Product information

Product Dimensions: 15.5" W x 45.5" H

Material: Aluminum

Color: Silver

Item Weight: 5.5 Pounds

Load Capacity: 440 Pounds

Maximum Height: 46.3 Inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

That said it's a totally functional step ladder with standing height of 26 in it's very lightweight very compact and very easy to open and close.


This is a great ladder. It's super light well and held our weight, (heaviest being 220lbs). Easy to store thanks to it being so light and folding up easily


Lightweight and strong, was a bit larger than I anticipated. I got this to help with changing lightbulbs in our track lighting fixtures, and it's tall enough for that when I'm standing on the first rung.My daughter, who is 5' tall, uses it to get into the top shelves of our cabinets.Feels sturdy.

Lewis Duncan
Its light weight and appears well built

Its easy to store it in the house


This little ladder comes completely assembled . . . Thank you. I checked it for sturdiness, and it responded solidly in attempts to twist and bend it. I stepped strongly against the rungs, and they stayed in place with no bending or warping. I stood on the top step and carefully attempted to tilt the ladder front-to-back and side-to-side, and all 4 legs stayed securely against the ground. You would have to greatly overextend your body to get this ladder to tilt. Normal ladder use should keep you safe from falling over. The fasteners holding the ladder together are strong with no obvious imperfections. This little ladder appears as if it should last for some time.

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