Step Ladder Extensionladder Folding Tall Aluminum 20 Ft Step Ladder

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Step Ladder Extensionladder Folding Tall Aluminum 20 Ft Step Ladder

Step Ladder Extensionladder Folding Tall Aluminum 20 Ft Step Ladder


Step Ladder Extensionladder Folding Tall Aluminum 20 Ft Step Ladder


Product Model: XG-115A45

Folding Step Ladder, 19.6ft, 7 in 1 Multi-Purpose Folding Adjustable Telescoping Aluminium Extension Ladders, 530lbs

If you need the Scaffolding Platform: Click to view, Can also be used alone

  • The folding ladder meets or exceeds all SGS EN131 standards. It’s made of aviation-grade aluminum with double-thickness tubed corners designed to enhance safety and stability, giving this ladder a maximum weight load of 530 lbs. The external aluminum thickness is up to 2mm, thickened aluminum ladder is your safe defender.

  • Multi-position ladder easily converts to an A-frame Ladder, Extension Ladder, 90° Ladder, Wall Ladder, and Scaffold to meet your different height requirements and working needs. (When using the scaffolding function, the support kit rack must be installed). The ladder can be extended to 19.6ft and easily reach up the roof. It’s only 4.9ft tall when fully folded, convenient to store and carry.

  • The Safety Joint Locks are made of 100% hardened high-strength steel, the size is larger than traditional ladder joints, and the load capacity and durability are three times higher than smaller joints. The JOINT LOCK design makes it convenient to fold and unfold the extension ladder. (Must be locked JOINT LOCKS at all times during use)

  • The step ladder comes with an extra pair of 40% longer stabilizer bars, these bars have a large sturdy base for better balance. Slip-resistant rubber feet are installed at the bottom of each stabilizer bar kit to ensure a firm grip on all floor surfaces. All rungs are designed to be anti-slip with an anti-skid pattern.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aviation Grade Aluminium
  • Package Size: 60.6" x 14.2" x 15"
  • Weight Capacity: 530 lbs(250Kg)
  • Extension Length: 19.7 ft(6m)
  • Step Distance: 11 inches
  • Total Steps: 4 Rungs X 5 Step = 20 Steps


  1. When using the scaffolding function, the support kit rack must be installed;
  2. Must be locked joint locks at all times during use;
  3. Under the condition of the straight ladder, if you intend to fold it or alter other functions, must place it on the floor for adjustments;
  4. The ladder must be used at an angle of 75 degrees in relation to the ground or follow the 1 in 4 rule (1 out for every 4 units up);
  5. Do a pre-use check and inspect and maintain the ladder at regular intervals to ensure the equipment is in safe working condition;
  6. Must Refer to the manufacturer's instructions before setting up or using a ladder.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mary Ann S

I needed a step ladder to reach the pot lights in the lower part of the vaulted ceiling to repair. The ladder arrived 2 days after I placed the order, I was using the ladder 20 minutes after it arrived. First, I was impressed with the overall design and quality, second, it was easy to set up and use and lastly, I felt comfortable using as it seemed sturdy. Pleased with my purchase.

Elise S.

I ordered this multipurpose ladder in hopes or replacing my standard A frame ladder and long extension ladder taking up space in my garage. It does feel as sturdy as my extension ladder, maybe even more so.So yes, it feels sturdy in use and feel secure except on uneven ground and also on our driveway when I'm hanging lights on the house trip, the driveway is slightly slanted so the foot stabilizing attachment doesn't sit flat on the ground requiring me to remove it so I can lean it again the house.Overall I'm impressed with the quality and durability. It's great once you have it up and don't need to move it constantly (like hanging Christmas lights)I will be holding onto my other two ladders for now until I can work with this one a bit more.


This folding ladder extends to almost 20 feet. It has multiple uses including as scaffolding when additional plates are added (not included). It extends nearly 10 as a step ladder to assist with higher jobs. The hinges have secure locks as well as easy to use levers to unlock and fold. Ladder has extended supports with heavy rubber feet at each end and folds to around 5 feet tall when not in use. Ladder stands on its own when fully folded for storage. Ladder is light for its size and seems well made. Thank you for reading, my honest and objective review. See my pictures for details.

Michael Powell

I'm not working as a tradesman (I did years ago though) so I bought this ladder for household and handyman use. I've already used it several times at full extension and am impressed with the sturdiness (I'm 6'3" & 220 lbs plus tool pouch weight). I was a little apprehensive climbing up the first time using it to reattach a second story window shutter but found it to be stable and have very minimal flex. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement. In fact, I was impressed enough after using the ladder to buy the separate scaffolding support as well for some elevated work I'll be doing at my place. The only real thing I'd like to see changed with this ladder is for it to latch completely in the folded position. The two outside sections don't latch against the inner two sections when the ladder is folded for storage. The inner two sections latch against each other which keeps the unit secure enough but when carrying the folded ladder one needs to keep in mind the outer sections can move. Yes it is but I had no issues working comfortably, it didn't feel unnatural to stand on and the wideset extensions at each end of the ladder make it secure. I've found the versatility of this ladder quite useful. Overall, I'll say this ladder is pretty impressive.

T. Potoniec

So I bought this to reach my extra high garage ceiling. It works great at accomplishing this task while be very sturdy. Wish there was some kind of tray at the top to hold tools, screws, tape measure, etc. It is a job to close up for moving, but once you figure it out , it is easily moved. I thought it was a fair price and hope it lasts a long time.

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