E-Bike Repair Stand Bicycle Stand for Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

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Product Type: Bike Repair Stand
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$129.99 USD
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E-Bike Repair Stand Bicycle Stand for Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

E-Bike Repair Stand Bicycle Stand for Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes


E-Bike Repair Stand Bicycle Stand for Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes

  • Model#: BRS-403

E-Bike Repair Stand Heavy Duty (Max 100 lbs) - Portable Bicycle Repair Stand Mechanics Workstand for Maintenance of Heavy E-Bike, Bike Mountain Bike and Road Bike

  • Extra Heavy Duty & Strong E-Bike Stand. Max Load 100lbs. The stand is made of steel with heavy-duty tubes and strongly welded head and clamps, plated with ABS to avoid any bike scratches, offering elevated performance, sturdiness, and durability for home or shop bicycle mechanics in repairing or maintaining heavy e-bikes or fat-tire road mountain bikes.

  • 360 Degree Head Rotation. Featuring a strong quick-release lever and a teeth ratchet, this floor-standing bike workstation can sturdily hold tightly heavy bikes at any angle, and clamp on the seat post, top-tube, or bottom-tube. So you can always find an optimal position for ease of operation.

  • Remarkable Adjustments. 41"-72" height adjustment is designed for wider application. The clamp on this stand holds up to 1-1¾ inch triangular or oval-shaped diameter tubes. Versatile and convenient.

  • Handy Tool Plate. The package contains a foldable magnetic tool board, which helps to avoid losing small parts.


Why Choosing Us?

  • Heavy Duty Construction

1. Max load: 100lbs

2. Unique Welded head, sturdy construction

  • Better Performance

1. Height Adjustment 41"-72", Provides plenty of room to do any and all maintenance

2. More Balanced with a balance pole

3. Folded length 37.8 inches, easy to carry

4. Perfect for multiple uses, E-bikes, heavy bikes, fat-tire bikes, step-through e-bikes, and modified bicycles.


Do you hesitate to replace your old bike stand with a heavier one?

The height can be adjusted from 41"-72", and provides room to change tires, lubricate chains, adjust the derailleur, or assemble a new bike. The clamp on this stand holds up to 1-1¾ inches diameter tubes with both triangular or oval shapes in all kinds of bikes including step-through e-bikes. The deep groove inside the clamp protects the wire from scratches.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This is a top of the line bike stand that works really good. It’s is easy to assembly and makes working on your bike much easier. It is sturdy and doesn’t tilt over. Very happy with this selection.


This is seriously a great bike stand.It's very easy to store away and it's very sturdy when a bike is on it. All the parts are high quality. The only plastic pieces are the adjustment levers.I like the blue and gray, it looks really nice.There's a parts tray for storing screws and parts, it could be larger, to hold more tools and such. Just nitpicking here.It was easy and fast to assemble.For this price, I couldn't imagine a better value. This is definitely the stand that I would recommend.


Simple easy setup and the clamp on the main frame makes it easy to get a bike mounted quickly. I used this stand to change the inner tubes, pedals, and adjust the derailleurs. This definitely makes it easier to perform most tasks on bikes. My bike is really light so I can't comment on how well it holds up with a bigger load, but it works really well for light road bikes or even mountain bikes. The tool tray seems a little big and I don't use it as much, but there is a magnetic tray in it that I use all the time. It does a great job of keeping any bolts from getting lost. All in all, I'm very happy with this stand.

Robert S Sprague
Sweet stand

Nice stand for the novice bike repair-person. Easy transaction.


I ordered this stand to help while repairing and maintaining my family’s bikes. I converted our analog bikes into ebikes. These bikes have motors in the wheel hubs which adds a significant amount of weight to the frames. This makes traditional bike stands tricky to use because many are maxed out or right at the limit with our bikes.This stand came in a very large box and was well-packed to protect all parts. The diagram allowed for easy assembly. I will admit this is one of the things I’m good at. Anyway, the parts scream quality and are definitely heavy duty.Once everything was assembled, I felt quite confident that the stand will hold our bikes with no issue.If you have an ebike and do your own repairs and maintenance, it’s a godsend. Buy with confidence!

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