Bravex Boat Trailer Winch 800 lbs Portable Hand Crank ATV Winch

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Bravex Boat Trailer Winch 800 lbs Portable Hand Crank ATV Winch

Bravex Boat Trailer Winch 800 lbs Portable Hand Crank ATV Winch


Bravex Boat Trailer Winch 800 lbs Portable Hand Crank ATV Winch

  • Model#: HW800

Bravex Boat Trailer Winch 800lbs/362kg Portable Hand Crank Winch with 26ft Steel Cable Manual Operated Two Way Ratchet 3.2: 1 Gear Winch for ATV Boat Trailer Marine

  • Capacity: 800 lbs

  • Two-Way Ratchet: Allows for both forward and reverse cranking from one side.

  • Capacity: The hand crank winch can support up to 800 lbs, a Gear ratio of 3.2:1, great for many trailer, truck, and boat applications.

  • Durable: Professional galvanized treatment, resistant to bad weather, #45 high-carbon steel hardened gear. Corrosion resistant, long service life, high-strength steel wire rope, Wire Rope size: (4mm x 26ft).

  • Comfortable Handle: The ergonomically designed crank handle makes it easier to turn, the anti-slip handle reduces hand fatigue, the labor-saving ratio of 75%, and easy to shake the crank for increased safety.


3 positions for this ratchet switch

  • The higher position is for pulling.
  • The lower position is for releasing.
  • The middle position is for both pulling and releasing but can only be used when unloaded.
  • When the winch is loaded, hold the crank handle tightly if you want to change the switch position. The ratchet of the winch also can stop them from moving, like a manual brake system.

800lbs Heavy Duty Hand Winch With 8m(26ft) Cable

800lbs Specification

  • Capacity: 800lbs/362kg
  • Colour: Silver
  • Type: Crank Cable Hand Winch
  • Cable Length: 26.2ft/8m
  • Gear Ration: 3.2:1
  • Speed:2 Way/1 Speed
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Package Contents

  • 1 * Hand Winch
  • 1 * Handle
  • 1 * Hook

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nicholle Threatt

Nice hand crank winch. Came with handle not assembled due to size. However the handle was easy to put on. All parts finished to withstand weather. Would be a perfect size for a jet ski or small boat.


I recently bought a wood chipper to help me in maintaining my yard - grinding downed branches and culled small trees into useful mulch. The thing is, the machine weighs about 450 pounds. It would be a chore for me to pull it into my garden shed, since there is a fairly steep ramp and a lip into the entrance. When I saw this winch on Bravextools a light bulb went off in my head. This was a perfect item to pull the machine into my shed with very little effort! Once in, I can disconnect the winch cable and finagle the chipper into its place.I just mounted the winch into the back wall of the shed today, and if I do say so myself it's a pretty solid mount. I shouldn't have any problems at all using this winch for my intended purpose. I haven't tried it yet, as first I need to clear out some stuff from the shed to make room for the new machine, but I'm certainly looking forward to the first time cranking that handle and gently guiding the chipper into its new home!The winch itself is very solid and well-built using heavy-gauge metals. Everything works perfectly mechanically and the cranking action is very smooth, as is the directional change lever. I know winches, having owned a couple of boats with trailers over the course of the past few years, and I can confidently say that this Bravex model is a good one.


This boat trailer winch from Bravex is a huge improvement from the previous boat trailer winch. I ordered this for my husband who has a lovely vintage 60s aluminum v-bottom boat. The old winch was probably the original and in pretty rough shape. The crank didn't really work anymore and the hook was nearly rusted through. He was able to remove the old winch and replace with this new one in a couple of hours. The existing holes didn't quite line up and he had to drill into the frame for new ones, but other than that- he said install was a breeze. He's happy, so I'm happy!

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