Bravex Electric Grease Gun 12,000 Psi Battery Power Grease Gun

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Bravex Electric Grease Gun 12,000 Psi Battery Power Grease Gun

Bravex Electric Grease Gun 12,000 Psi Battery Power Grease Gun


Bravex Electric Grease Gun 12,000 Psi Battery Power Grease Gun



Bravex Cordless Grease Gun Battery Powered, 12,000 PSI Electric Grease Gun 21V, 40” High-Pressure Long Hose, Rechargeable Battery Pack Included

  • Powerful: 40-inch long flexible hose, Max 12,000 PSI, with one 4000mAh lithium rechargeable battery, 5-6 cartridges (14 oz.) per charge. The battery pack is compatible with lithium cordless tools. A charging adapter is included.

  • Dual-mode operation: Continuous pumping mode (hold the trigger down to pump), or quantitative automatic pumping (set the pumping volume, press the trigger to start, and it will automatically stop after pumping the set volume).

  • 3-Way Grease Loading: Standard 14 oz. Cartridge; Bulk Suction Fill; Filler / Dispenser Pump. The anti-aging fluorescent rubber O-ring and plunger will retain their softness for sealing even after prolonged storage.

  • High-Flow Efficiency: Pumping speed up to 5.0 oz/min for high-flow applications. Includes a 40-inch heavy-duty reinforced flex hose with a spring guard and coupler, along with a 5-1/2 inch hard metal extension tube featuring a sharp nozzle.

  • Simplify Work in the Dark: Easily locate hard-to-see grease fittings in dark work areas with the bright LED. The integrated foot design enables operators to rest the tool on a flat surface.


To install the battery cartridge, align the tongue on the battery cartridge with the groove in the housing and slip it into place. Insert it until it locks in place with a little click.

To remove the battery cartridge, slide it from the tool while sliding the button on the front of the cartridge.

Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the battery cartridge is removed before adjusting or checking a function on the tool.

Always switch off the tool before installing or removing the battery cartridge.

Hold the tool and the battery cartridge firmly when installing or removing the battery cartridge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
SSgt. B

If you with in any heavy duty equipment, this is a very cool tool to have. Even in my shop were i have a a full keg of grease and pump, I still use this guy for hard to reach places. Great for throw out bearings, slack adjusters, king pins etc.Took a while to figure it how to get it going, but once it started flowing, it was easy to use.


This cordless grease gun makes hitting the zircs on your equipment easier and faster than a hand-powered grease gun. The gun can be set to put in a dialed-in amount of grease with one pull of the trigger or it can be set to run grease as long as the trigger is pulled. Pressure of the pump is very high, thus there's a pressure relief valve on the front of the gun for keeping it from binding. Comes with a nice case and a 40 inch hose.

Toby Martinez

Bravex cordless grease gun makes my task of greasing my heavy equipment alot easier and faster.....rechargeable battery powered gun is very conveinient and easy to use and load.....gun is strong and applies just the right amount of pressure to dispense lubricant without wasting or and making a mess....battery holds a charge for a very long time and can be used several times before recharging

Joel Gallegos

If you have to grease things on a regular basis then this is a very Awesome tool to do that job. The set comes with everything you need including battery and charger. The manual indicates that this can deliver 5-6 full tube of grease on one battery charge. It also has an automatic feature that will stop the pumping when the joint is full. I'm super happy with this cordless grease gun.

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