Heavy Duty Commercial Door Locks Mechanical Keyless Entry Door Lock

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Heavy Duty Commercial Door Locks Mechanical Keyless Entry Door Lock

Heavy Duty Commercial Door Locks Mechanical Keyless Entry Door Lock


Heavy Duty Commercial Door Locks Mechanical Keyless Entry Door Lock


Product Model: MKDZG1A / Style: European Shape

Bravex Commercial Grade MKDZ Keyless Mechanical Heavy Duty Deadbolt Lock

Design Concept Video


Key Features

  • Rekeyable Deadbolt Lock, compatible with SC1 & KW1 keyways 
  • Tested to ANSI/BHMA Grade 1—Designed for heavy-duty applications & commercial hardware. Tested to endure over 2,000,000 cycles while still maintaining its functionality, diluting the cost of ownership remarkably low, 0 plastic components

  • Fast Code System: Easy 2-step pin change independent combination program system without key override for maximum security
  • No Battery: Fully mechanical lock eliminates the material and labor expense of battery replacements
  • Perfect lock in all aspects such as (Home, Garage, Front Door, Apartment, Schools, Offices, Warehouses, etc.), rental, and residential properties
  • The numeric Keypad is vandal-resistant with solid metal push-buttons
  • Fingerprint-resistant & wear-resistant stainless steel push buttons help protect the privacy of access codes
  • Tested to withstand harsh environmental factors, especially freezing winters where smart locks give out, we stand strong
  • One user code with over 8000 possible combinations
  • Magnet Proof – The lock cannot be manipulated with magnets
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.9″ H x 3.74″ W x 0.98″ D                                                                      • Handle Knob Size: 0.98″ W x 2.16″ H
    • Door Thickness: 1-3/8″ to 2-3/8″
    • Changeable/reversible handing
    • Easy installation & easy to change code
    • Comes with adjustable backset deadbolt 2-3/4″or 2-3/8″
    • Covers 2-3/8″ hole
  • Material: Zinc-casting Steel with Teflon-coated stainless steel interior components
  • Weather Resistant
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
mister g

I am going to install this lock on my screen room , the lock Is rock solid , very easy to program , there is a video on youtube To see the video just scan the paperwork that comes with the lock It is real heavy duty , and the stainless steel looks great Just remember you have to lock the door each time you leave it does not lock automatic. Which I like ! And finally the price is fair for a great lock

Donna Vasquez

This item arrived very quickly, and was packaged very nice with absolutely no damage to the lock set. It is made of thick metal and looks very strong and sturdy. I hesitated, putting it on by myself, because I was worried that I couldn’t program the lock code, and put it correctly on my door. But I got up the courage and I went ahead and got it out to see if I could figure out how to set a lock code on it. The instructions explained everything very easy. I actually set the lock code within five minutes of opening the box. And within another 10 minutes it was on my door. The longest process was removing my old lock set. This is very easy to set your lock code and I don’t really think there’s a way to mess it up. So for everyone thinking that maybe they can’t do a job like installing a lock set. This is most definitely the item to try. It is made of thick metal and looks like it should last for a long while. I also believe it has a long year warranty, impressive! I love the fact there’s no electricity, batteries or wifi needed! It is sturdy and strong and very easy to install. Took me 15 mins and that includes removing old lock. Anyone wanting to up grade to keyless with no power needed this is the lock. I am so very happy with this deadbolt.


Upgrading shop security, this keypad lock has been a practical addition. The ease of keyless entry is a major convenience, especially when hands are full. The mechanical nature ensures reliability, free from electronic failures. The sturdy build adds a sense of security. While it meets most needs, additional code options would enhance its functionality. It's a straightforward solution for everyday security.


The keyless deadbolt with a mechanical design offers a sense of security. The Sabbath lock feature is unique. Installation is straightforward, and there's no risk of low power.


After having used a fully-electronic keypad-style front door lock for the last 4 years, I got tired of how the batteries had to be replaced constantly... but more importantly, how whenever you tried to use the touch pad to get in, it usually "failed", and kept you locked out... forcing you to use a regular key anyway.
THIS unit, however, is entirely mechanical, so it eliminates that lousy failing keypad... plus, it still allows you to use the key, if you forgot the code.
With all that said, however, this lock is really beefy, and so far, has eliminated the "pain" caused by my earlier electronic keyless lockset!

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