Bravex Ignition Coil Pack And Spark Plug SP493 Red 8 pcs DG508

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Bravex Ignition Coil Pack And Spark Plug SP493 Red 8 pcs DG508

Bravex Ignition Coil Pack And Spark Plug SP493 Red 8 pcs DG508


Bravex Ignition Coil Pack And Spark Plug SP493 Red 8 pcs DG508


Product Model: DG508-SP493-R

Ignition Coil Pack DG508 & Spark Plug SP493 For Ford F150 F250 E150 E250 Lincoln Mercury 4.6L 5.4L engines DG457 DG472 DG491 F523 3W7Z12029AA 1L2U12029AA 1L2U12A366A Set of 8(15% More Energy)

  • Professional Racing Coil: Engineered for professional racing applications,15% More energy than OE coils, Guaranteed 100,000 miles. SP493 Spark plugs have an Iridium center electrode and nickel-alloy terrain electrodes for maximum engine and torque. Guaranteed 50,000 miles lifetime, exceeds the OEM plug's performance.

  • Compatible with OEM numbers: Compatible to F523, 5C1412, E213, E262, E409, 52-1761, IC369, IC62, 1L2U12029AA, 1L2Z12029AA, 1L5Z12029AA, 3W7E12A366AA, 3W7Z12029AA, F7TU12029BA, F7TU12A366AB, F7TU12A366BA, F7TZ12029AB, F7TZ12029BA, F7TZ12029CA, F7TZ12029CC, 88921369, DG481, DG491, DG508, FD-493, FD-503, FD-507.

  • High-Quality Materials: Our product features a super high conductive coil and an epoxy with exceptional Di-electric performance. These materials ensure top-notch performance and durability.
  • Warranty: Bravex performance ignition coils DG508 with Spark Plug SP493, 5-Year Warranty


  • Upgrade 15% More Energy Than OE Coils.
  • Super High Di-electric Performance Epoxy.
  • Reduces Misfire and Eliminates Hesitation.

Super High Conductive Coil

Engineered for high-performance racing application

Built with top-grade material, Germany imported Elektrisoal copper wire, and German Huntsman epoxy. All these materials and components provide Bravex coil with extraordinary performance and high durability.

Highlights of the TS16949-certified facility include lean manufacturing methods and vertically integrated manufacturing processes that include multi-spindle winding, injection molding, potting, curing, and welding.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very good for your money would definitely recommend these!

Emmanuel I.

I had originally bought some supposedly oem motorcraft spark plugs and coils from other brand. My truck was running horribly. I found the Bravex and want to try it. My truck is running amazing now!Fixed all my misfires and stuttering problems at low rpm’sI would highly recommend them. I have confidence they’ll last, they seem high quality and come with a 5 year warranty!


Did a LOT of research on Bravextools, and decided on this set. I replaced, by my local mechanic, ONE coil for almost $200 a week earlier that the mechanic supplied, and then ANOTHER one went out. I knew from experience that when one goes, the rest of them are not far behind. So, I was looking at almost a thousand bucks to replace all of them including labor on a 2002 Ford 150 that still runs great (usually). Obviously, not everyone has a mechanic buddy. I used to replace coils myself years ago, but modern engines are MUCH more complicated, so I hired my mechanically inclined buddy to do it for $200, which meant I would pay him roughly $75 per hour...not that less than my local mechanic. BUT I saved HUNDREDS of dollars by buying this set on Bravextools...and they work GREAT!


Highly recommend to anyone who own the 4.6L.... We own a 07' Lincoln TownCar Signature series, and these work flawlessly....arrived on time & installed all 8 in about 30 minutes...took her out for a drive & all my issues I was having previously before the new coils, all went away!!!! And she runs FLAWLESSLY AGAIN....THANKS!!! .....glad I purchased these and would recommend these to anyone needing coils for a 4.6L.....God bless and have ease of mind, these are a very good buy!!!!

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