Car Polisher Buffer With 2pcs 12V Rechargeable Batteries Automotive Buffer Polisher

Product Type: Car Polisher Buffer
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Car Polisher Buffer With 2pcs 12V Rechargeable Batteries Automotive Buffer Polisher

Car Polisher Buffer With 2pcs 12V Rechargeable Batteries Automotive Buffer Polisher


Car Polisher Buffer With 2pcs 12V Rechargeable Batteries Automotive Buffer Polisher

  • Model#: CCBP-626-RD

Cordless Car Buffer Polisher with 2pcs 12V Rechargeable Batteries, Buffer Polisher for Car Detailing with 6 Variable Speeds for Car Buffer Polisher Sander

  • Our cordless car buffer polisher is equipped with a brushless motor, ensuring powerful and efficient performance. You can experience low-noise operation while achieving a flawless finish on your vehicle. Ideal for auto mechanics as well as home DIYers.

  • With the buffer polisher cordless design, the car buffer can easily reach every corner without the hassle of cords or limited mobility. Weighing only 2.5 lbs, the car polisher provides convenient operation. The waterproof power switch eliminates concerns about electricity and water hazards.

  • The polisher for car detailing comes with two 12V 2.0Ah rechargeable batteries and a charger, ensuring long-term and alternating use. The cordless polisher features a built-in battery indicator that turns red when it requires charging. Just 35 minutes of charging provides up to 45 minutes of battery life.

  • The buffer polisher enjoys versatility with the 6-level variable speed, ranging from 2500 to 5000 rpm. Adjust the speed according to your specific work requirements. The 6-inch cordless polisher waxer for car detailing effortlessly glides on any surface, leaving it not only clean but also brilliantly shiny.


Package Includes

1 x cordless buffer polisher

1 x Charger

2 x Batteries

2 x Flat Buffer Polishing Pads

2 x Woolen Buffer Pads

2x Waffle Foam Pads

2 x Microfiber Buffing Pads

2 x Microfiber Polishing Bonnet

2 x Sanding Paper

1 x Carrying Bag

1 x User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christopher Chapman

The kit comes pretty packed: Polisher, 2x batteries, several different sets of pads and bonnets. While it comes with a functional bag, I'd rather it had a case that is easier to store when not in use. Batteries seem to charge faster than they deplete during usage.Pros: decent detail polisher for detail/finish light compounds/wax. Light and easy to hold and position. It's not going to wear you out. Cordless means less hassle with wires, which is great when you want to use the light outside. Standard 6" pads work well.Cons: It's not powerful enough for heavy work and the batteries are only going to last ~40min.I wish it had a hard case.If you want something light and easy, and cordless... It's a nice tool for detailing in your arsenal.

Glenn R. Kangiser

This cordless polisher is really useful. Light but powerful. Came with two batteries. Take only 35 minutes to charge that made me happy. You can adjust the speed too. No more cord needed and you can work wherever you want without cord. Good product. I like it.


Powerful polisher. It comes with 2 of each different pads. You can adjust the speeds. Works great and the batteries last a while. It comes with 2 batteries

Bryan A Okubo

This cordless buffer has a small form factor and comes with a sizeable amount of pads and bonnets. I used this to do final buffing on my car and it was very easy to do. The really good thing about this is it comes with 2 batteries. There's nothing worse than working on a project and have your battery die on you. Then you have to wait for it to recharge. This really kills the momentum! With 2 batteries, you are good to go!This buffer has good power for polishing and buffing, but for paint correction, you need more power. This is fairly light and easy to use. It is quiet and the vibrations are very manageable. It is perfect for working in your garage at night.


Got this buffer trying to restore hazy yellow headlights on my car and it works. This is my first time using a buffer and it worked. Headlights are nice and shine once again, yellow haze is also gone. Very easy to use and its pretty powerful little buffer with 6 different speed settings to choose from. Great price, compact, lightweight, very nice little buffer.

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