Electric Winch For Trailer Boat Portable Winch Reversible 6000 lbs 12V DC

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Electric Winch For Trailer Boat Portable Winch Reversible 6000 lbs 12V DC

Electric Winch For Trailer Boat Portable Winch Reversible 6000 lbs 12V DC


Electric Winch For Trailer Boat Portable Winch Reversible 6000 lbs 12V DC

  • Model#:A-CH2000TL-MF

Trailer Winch, Reversible Electric Winch, for Boats up to 6000 lbs.12V DC, Power-in, Power-Out, and Freewheel Operations,30% Higher winching Power Than Regular 6000 lbs Winch (5000lbs Marine)

  • Upgrade Design: Dual mode operation, Power-in, Power-out, and Freewheel operation.

  • Low Noise Design: running without ratcheting noise; Electric and manual dual mode operation, both for in and out.

  • Enhanced Power Motor Design: 30% higher winching power than regular 6000 lbs trailer winch; Dyneema Fiber Synthetic Rope and hook for additional safety.

  • Dynamic Brake as well as Mechanical Friction Brake: CAPACITY 6,000 lbs. rolling; 5,000 lbs. marine; 2,000 lbs. pulling; Max boat weight: 5,000 lbs

  • Designed for boats up to 6000 lbs. Rocker switch corded remote control,16 ft. power cord. Best used for car, trailer, truck, trailer winch, and boat winch.

Designed for boats up to 6000 lbs.

16 ft. power cord. Rocker switch corded remote control.

  • Capacity: 6,000lbs Rolling, 5,000lbs Marine, 2,000lbs Pulling Capacity, Max Boat
  • Weight: 5,000lbs Duty Cycle: Fully Loaded @ 2,000lbs, 6 to 8 minutes operation.
  • Allow 5 minutes to cool before resuming use. Light Load @ 150lbs, 6 to 8 minutes operation.

*Dyneema Fiber Synthetic Rope, super flexible and 10 times stronger than steel cable of similar diameter and easy to re-use.

*Withstand up to 2000 lbs of pulling capacity, 6000 lbs rolling, 5000 lbs maximum boat weight, maximum boat size 18ft.

* Dual directions electric winch. Power-in and power-out.

* Electric and manual dual-mode operation, both for in and out.

* Dynamic brake as well as mechanical friction brake.

Low noise design, running without ratcheting noise.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Winch is very easy to unwind and use. Winch pulled a tractor that was not running up the ramps and onto my trailer with ease.


It works great. I use it to trailer my 16 foot nitro bass boat and it works great. It is a little slow but beats hand cranking. One time to see how well it works I Loaded the boat two thirds on the trailer and pulled it out of water and loaded the boat rear of the way with the winch. Pulled the boat right on the trailer. Very pleased with the purchase.


Purchased this winch for my 16 1/2 foot Lund. This one works great, no problems and makes the boat easy to load when I'm fishing alone.

Hank Davis

I bought the Trailer Winch,Reversible Electric Winch, for Boats up to 6000 lbs.12V back and have had very good luck using it on my boat to load it. I had a couple minor issues with it so I contacted customer service and they were on top of the issues right away. With hardly no questions asked they took care of me. Overall this has been a great winch for my boat. I would highly recommend it. Thank you for having excellent customer service.

Stephen R Byrd DDS

I have 3 fixed mounted winches on various UTV. The problem is when you need a winch it always seems to be mounted at the other end of the vehicle. I have a Ford F150 Raptor and it's just to pretty to take into really rough stuff. I used the UTV's for that, but even still I have been stuck in mud twice with my Raptor and "high centered" on a stump. All 4 wheels were off the ground. I had to walk home and go back the next day with 2 floor jacks, Take the weight off the stump, crawl under the truck and cut 1/2" off the stump with a chain saw. I believe this winch would have solved my problems.
The company seems very helpful and I would suggest throwing one in a tool box just for peace of mind.

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